Release Update

SCICHART™ High Performance WPF Silverlight Charting has now been released! See the product website with demos and pricing over at

For some time now we have been writing rich client applications for Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight. It’s not uncommon for trading platforms and scientific simulation software to require a truly high performance WPF / Silverlight scientific or stock chart but so far we have yet to find one. We don’t believe we’re asking much from WPF or Silverlight to deliver a fast financial and scientific chart, capable of drawing large datasets with smooth interactivity and low memory and CPU usage, but it seems it’s not an easy task, despite the framework being built on top of DirectX.

SciChart - Financial Mountain Chart showing 100,000 points of EUR.USD 15 Minute Data

Having reviewed and trialled WpfToolkit, Infragistics, Telerik, Visiblox, AmCharts, StockChartX, DynamicDataDisplay and Visifire charts, while these are all excellent chart components and have plenty of rich features typical LOB developers would want, many tend to struggle when subjected to the stress test of extremely large datasets, rapid updating or high levels of interactivity that occur in scientific systems or trading platforms. Try loading multiple 100k point series and zooming / panning for instance.

As a result, ABT Software Services has set out to develop a fast WPF / Silverlight financial, scientific and stock chart to render large datasets quickly, bypassing if possible the retained mode graphics pipeline.

SciChart - Candlestick Stock Chart showing INDU

SciChart © 2011 ABT Software Services Ltd uses vanilla WPF and Silverlight, supports MVVM and binding, supports themes in Xaml and is capable of rendering 100k points in <40ms for the following chart types:

  • Line chart
  • Column chart
  • Mountain chart (Area chart)
  • Stock chart (Candlestick chart)
  • OHLC chart
SciChart - Column Chart showing EUR.USD

SciChart supports multiple series of different types overlaid on the same chart with high levels of interactivity, including rubber-band zoom, scrollwheel zoom, drag to pan, axis drag to scale and cursor for interrogation of the chart values. The API supports programmatic creation / manipulation of the chart and also databinding via MVVM. The API is identical in WPF and Silverlight, meaning you can dual deploy applications supporting .NET4 and SL4 without changing the codebase.

SciChart is a work in progress but will soon enter a private beta phase. To register your interest in the SciChart Beta, please Contact Us, or Register for email updates. SciChart will be used for internal projects at ABT Software Services but we intend to license it to third party developers if there is demand. We intend to release the beta in Q1 2012 have version 1 ready to ship by Q2 2012.