Thank you to all the people who have given us feedback for the SciChart Beta 1.0.0! We are working hard to include new features and fixes in the next version, which will be version 1.1.0 due in the next two weeks. If this is stable, we will be releasing this as the first commercial version.

SciChart Beta v1.1.0 Featuring Multi Pane chart support

A brief rundown of the features for the next release can be found below:

  • Basic multi-paned chart support (e.g. volume, price pane in SciTrader example) with a shared X-Axis.
  • Rollover Modifier which provides a google-finance mouse-over experience to feedback values under the cursor on the chart. Applicable to all chart types (Line, Candlestick, Mountain, Column)
  • Improved examples showcasing more features of SciChart
  • Stability bug fixes to performance examples.

Future enhancements which are in the pipeline, but not yet scheduled for release include:

  • Scatter plots and OHLC charts
  • Chart Series hit testing and tooltip value support
  • Improved rendering quality for Anti-aliased lines in WPF
  • Improved decoupling of datasets from chart rendering in Multi-threaded scenarios

We will also have a dedicated website for SciChart going online soon. This will be at and should be ready in the next week or two.

Please continue to send us your comments and suggestions for SciChart. Bug reports or feature requests are most welcome!