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SciChart Technology Preview - Fast WPF/Silverlight Stock Chart Performance Demo

SciChart - a Fast WPF & Silverlight Financial and Scientific Chart

In a previous article, we discussed SciChart - a Fast WPF / Silverlight Financial and Scientific Chart. The goal of SciChart is to provide ultra high performance Silverlight and WPF charts for medical, scientific and trading applications. We set ourselves the goal of rendering 100,000 points in under 50ms to allow rendering of large datasets at interactive framerates. This has been accomplished and can be seen in the following Silverlight performance demo, which is able to render datasets of >100,000 points at 30FPS

SciChart © 2011 ABT Software Services is a work in progress but will be released for commercial use in Q1 2012. To register your interest in the SciChart, or if you have questions or suggestions, please Contact Us or Register for email updates.

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MiVVM Pattern - An Extension to MVVM for direct access to the View

There is much discussion on the web about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern - the defacto design pattern for developing WPF and Silverlight applic...

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